Legacy Campaign

Legacy Campaign

Corenet is proud to announce we have joined the Christchurch Legacy campaign - www.ourlegacy.co.nz

The initiative promotes and supports sustainable building in Christchurch. Legacy supporters are actively contributing to the opportunity to build green, healthy and resilient buildings that have a lasting, positive legacy in Canterbury.

The way we rebuild now will define Christchurch for generations to come. And we all have a great opportunity. Legacy is a campaign to promote healthy, efficient, sustainable buildings in Christchurch. Legacy is driven by businesses. We’re all doing our bit to promote sustainable building, in the way that makes most sense for us. Whether that’s committing to lease green premises, re-building our properties to make them sustainable, or advising others how to improve their buildings. Legacy members are owners, tenants, developers, designers, engineers and builders. Together creating a lasting, positive Legacy.


Resource efficiency: Christchurch City Council’s Target Sustainability services offer free consultancy advice to developers of new commercial builds, including advice on waste reduction and water efficiency. The Council also offers selected commercial tenants free consultancy on reducing waste and being energy and water efficient during fit-out and operation.

Energy efficiency: EECA funds consultancy at different stages of a building project, to improve building energy performance. 

Renewable energy: developments within the central city may be eligible for Christchurch Energy Grants. This funds renewable energy-related technologies such as photo-voltaic or heat recovery systems. 


A rating tool provides rigorous, independent certification that your building meets certain standards of efficiency and / or sustainability.

BASE (Building a Sustainable Environment) is a building rating tool designed for new buildings in Christchurch. It covers aspects such as energy, water, waste, indoor air quality and integration with the outdoors. BASE is recommended as an excellent starting point. Many buildings can cost-effectively achieve even better environmental performance.

Green Star is a comprehensive national scheme that evaluates the environmental attributes of buildings using a suite of rating tools. There are more than 95 Green Star buildings in use in New Zealand. Green Star ratings are benchmarked against international ratings and are available for offices, industrial, education or custom buildings.

NABERSNZ measures and benchmarks the energy use of existing office buildings. It’s an excellent way to verify the performance of your office once it’s running. NABERSNZ can be applied to whole buildings, tenanted areas, or base buildings. To get a NABERSNZ rating, a building needs at least 12 months of energy data.

The Business Case for Green Building – building sustainably does not necessarily cost more – and where there is a premium, this is usually more than paid back in lower energy and operating costs, within a reasonable period. On the www.legacy.co.nz site you'll find the 2013 research report that sets out the cost benefits of green building – including design and construction costs, asset value, operating costs and value of improved productivity and health. See http://ourlegacy.co.nz/Site/get_started/default.aspx  for more information.