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EN15221-6 Executive Briefing

  • 1.  EN15221-6 Executive Briefing

    Posted Feb 16, 2010 10:58:00 AM

    A single method for measuring building space in 27 European countries (EN15221-6) creates cost/quality-transparency to buyers, renters and users. It improves competitiveness and sustainability.

    Till March 15 Space & Area Measurment experts from all 27 European countries can deliver their comments on the proposed EN15221-6 Space & Area Measurement. This official European standard will help create transparancy and will boost the competitiviness of European real estate and facility management businesses. Today the quantity of rentable m2's of a building depends on who you ask to measure it and what method they prefer to use. When the EN15221-6 will be voted in (July) and implemented (november '10 - november '12) it will be possible to create cost/quality-transparency for buyers/renter/users across all 27 countries for all phases of the life-cycle. Do you like that idea? Come to the next Executive Briefing at EFMC 2010 in Madrid and hear everything about it.

    Fred Kloet
    Villa FM BV, Director
    Euro FM, vice-chair