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CoreNet Global Midwest Chapter 2018 Service Project

By Jordan Grote posted Feb 06, 2018 11:01 AM

Integrative Mental Health Center at YouthLink

YouthLink (YL) works with homeless youth across the Twin Cities, ages 16‐23, to connect them with a community of resources. Whether it’s basic needs, like a hot shower or a warm meal, assistance with employment or educational goals, accessing mental and physical health resources, or finding supportive housing, YL can help young people at all stages of their journey.

YL has partnered with Project for Pride in Living to recently develop 46 housing units for young people experiencing homelessness. The 5‐story structure is connected to YL’s headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, which connects housing, resources, and support. In addition, YL’s existing building also had some areas renovated including the main level reception, kitchen/dining, and administrative/counseling offices.

Their Ignite Change campaign goal came up short and the 1,500 SF Integrative Mental Health Area at YL was not in the renovation scope. This is where CoreNet Global Midwest Chapter can help make a difference! The wellness area consists of 2 exam rooms, therapy/intake room, lab room, seating area, and circulation area. As an organization, we have committed to helping YL renovate their Integrative Mental Health & Wellness Area this Spring and kicking off a $120k campaign to help fund this renovation. In addition to MSR Design and Gardner Builders, we are looking for more partners to help us deliver this community outreach service project. Examples include furniture product, fixtures, millwork, and artwork along with monetary donations.

For more info please contact:

Jeff LaFavre

Rome Poppler