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Join (or Rejoin) Today with these new incentives!

By Jordan Grote posted Jul 08, 2021 02:54 PM


July has arrived and once again, it seems incomprehensible the first half of the year is behind us.  June marked the introduction of our new hybrid model where all programs going forward will offer both an in-person and remote option.  Admittedly, it is the hope of the board the in-person option will become the primary attendance model for most and the remote option will be for those on the go or for those facing unusual traveling distances to attend.  Repeatedly, we hear from both members and guests that while the quality of the program matters to them, it is secondary to the value of the networking with like-minded professionals.

Speaking of like-minded professionals, if your business focuses on corporate real estate or on being a provider to corporate real estate professionals, there is no better organization than CoreNet.  I first became involved with the predecessor of CoreNet early in my career, as a young professional focusing on this unique niche within the commercial real estate industry.  I know, many of you think I am still a young professional…..but I guess I am not anymore!  😊  Through my involvement in the organization I have developed many great friendships and professional contacts that I turn to on a regular basis for wisdom and services.  By being involved in more than the monthly meetings, I have had the pleasure to know many of our members on a personal basis.  These relationships, and my commitment to be involved with CoreNet,  have helped me expand my knowledge base and broaden my leadership skills.  If you asked other board members about their personal experience, I believe they would attest to a similar experience for each of them.

The circumstances of the pandemic have created challenges for all of CoreNet and our local CoreNet Midwest chapter.  These challenges have come in the form of reduced members.  Subsequently, both CoreNet national and our chapter are making an additional investment in time to increase the membership base.  We know firsthand the value proposition is there, we now need the companies employing our past members to understand the value of being involved and continuing to invest in the skill sets of their people.  Subsequently, CoreNet Global has rolled out some new incentives for recruiting new members and recruiting past members.  Our chapter has followed this effort and we are offering the following membership programs at this time:

  • Prorated dues based on the first month of purchase; if you join after July 1, it includes current year + next year.
  • Referral discount code (15% off) -- use code REMW15
  • Trial membership option- try before you buy- CLICK HERE
  • Deals to join and go to conference at a discount- CLICK HERE
  • Members in Transition Program- CLICK HERE

Jeff LaFavre, CCIM, MCR
2021 CoreNet Midwest Chapter President