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CoreNet Global’s UK Chapter mentoring programme gains traction

By Kim Taylor posted May 22, 2017 12:58 AM


CoreNet Global UK’s mentoring programme was launched last year to provide members at every age and career level confidential, one-on-one support from a team of voluntary mentors to help them achieve their career objectives. Although many organisations offer similar mentoring schemes, this is a completely neutral programme that allows those working in the corporate real estate sector to forge new relationships and seek impartial advice from outside the workplace.

The programme, which is currently underway and has attracted numerous members to date, involves relationship building between mentor and mentee, followed by analysis of specific topics and incidents and finally concluding with direction and when and how to move on.

Benefits of the programme to mentees include improved self-confidence and self-esteem, increased motivation, clearer understanding of career opportunities, support in managing relationships in the workplace, development of professional skills, reduced feelings of isolation, broadening of horizons and experience and much more. For mentors, this is is an opportunity to gain alternative perspectives in the industry, become a valued role model, and refresh and validate experiences.

Specific rules must be followed for role model mentoring, including keeping a distance (a mentor cannot be your boss), having a clear idea of your expectations, sticking to a regular programme of meetings and listening.  For mentors, rules include listening rather than instructing and being energetic, and for mentees being prepared to drive the relationship and defining key issues that need to be resolved. 

If you are interested in getting involved in this fantastic opportunity please contact Mary-Louise Gray or Pranvera Vula at: mary-louise.gray@baml.com / Pranvera.Vula@tpbennett.com