Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) Course - CRE Technology Essentials: Approaches, Tools & Practi

Starts:  Apr 8, 2019 08:00 AM (NZST)
Ends:  Apr 9, 2019 05:00 PM (NZST)
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CRE Technology Essentials: Approaches, Tools & Practice
8-9th April 2019, Auckland
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CRE Technology Essentials:
Approaches, Tools & Practice


As corporate real estate (CRE) professionals in a rapidly evolving technology landscape, identifying the role that CRE technologies play in the overall service delivery model is key to achieving your organization’s strategic priorities. This seminar will review current systems as well as the impact of emerging technologies and evolving work styles on technology infrastructure and, ultimately, on the business. 

This CRE Technology Essentials seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the application of technology in a corporate real estate context. The seminar begins with an activity that ties every CRE technology decision to the organization’s mission and strategic priorities. It examines the importance of the relationship between people, process and technology in every organization, including organizational structure and reporting relationships, the CRE group’s role in that structure, and the maturity of current processes. The seminar also examines various technology-related risk factors, data quality, effective participation in technology projects and emerging technologies. 

How you will benefit 

  • Recognize how technology can be employed to achieve an organization’s strategic priorities 
  • Identify and define key CRE technology terms and acronyms, identify vendor products by function 
  • Recognize the need to adapt / align people, processes and technologies 
  • Describe the typical steps in a technology implementation roadmap and support technology projects 
  • Identify potential technology-related risks, and the essentials principles of data governance and management 

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