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Jul 08, 2019 06:21:11 AM

Job Title:
             Modio Information Group News Associate- Corporate Real Estate Narrator

Job Description:

Opportunity to gain prominent exposure to potentially thousands of corporate real estate executives throughout the United States and the world, and complement your classroom education by being paid to read news articles from leading practitioner journals analyzing the latest news, trends, and developments in corporate real estate.

Modio Information Group is partnering with content providers to provide leading corporate real estate journals, in a word-for-word, human-narrated, smartphone-enabled, audio format.

We are seeking student applicants to narrate the articles. Candidates must be very reliable and punctual. They must also be articulate with excellent oral reading skills, detail-oriented and extremely conscientious. All work may be completed from home with minimal time commitment. The selected student narrators will gain prominent exposure to corporate real estate executives throughout the United States and the world through Modio Information Group’s patented platform- in addition to identifying themselves by name, school and graduation year on each of their audio recordings as described below, Modio Information Group’s platform provides its corporate real estate executive audience with the student narrators' email address and LinkedIn profile. The selected students also enhance their classroom education with access to the latest issues and developments in corporate real estate and are compensated at a rate of $45 per hour of audio content.  Please feel free to email any questions to

To apply, please e-mail a) your resume and b) a sample audio narration of the sample content in the job description section using the Voice Memos app on your iPhone or similar app such as Evernote on your Android phone, to

Sample Content:

Snapshot: the Convergence of Technology and Corporate Real Estate
Written By: Beth Mattson-Teig
Narrated By: [Your Full Name], “Class of” [Graduation Year], [Your School]
The Leader: Corporate Real Estate News and Insights, September 2018: Technology that people used to talk about moving into the workplace “someday” is no longer just around the corner. Augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles are here, with a barrage of innovations being delivered at a rapid-fire pace.
The Edge in Amsterdam, which is the headquarters for Deloitte Netherlands, was called one of the “smartest” buildings in the world by Bloomberg Businessweek when it opened in 2015. The building uses 28,000 sensors to do everything from track individuals as they enter the building, to allowing employees to use a mobile app to set personal preferences for such things as lighting and temperature in their workspaces.
While real estate is the second or the third largest expense for most Fortune 500 companies – and space utilization, operating efficiency and managing real estate costs are still a priority – improving the employee experience is gaining greater importance. “That is a bigger value play for corporations than the old tradition, how ... we use space by just cramming more people into it to reduce our cost-per-square-foot basis. We’re trying to take more of a holistic approach to it,” said D. Edward Wagoner, international director and global chief information officer of Corporate Solutions for JLL.
Similarly, the entrance of Millennials into the workplace means technologies that allow for seamless engagement are in higher demand and corporate real estate (CRE) is having to think of service delivery differently. “We are seeing real estate departments taking a step back and looking at how we can put technology directly in the occupants’ hands, treating them more as consumers of choice,” said Mitch Wickland, CIO, Occupier Services at Cushman & Wakefield.
Emerging technologies such as AI, virtual/augmented reality and robotics are being applied across entire value chains to create new products, services, and experiences. Mobile technologies and cloud computing are allowing creative knowledge workers to work from anywhere in the world and to have greater autonomy. At the same time, IoT allows for people and assets such as furniture to be rigorously tracked and monitored. It is now possible to obtain real- data on where people are working, what technological systems they are using, how those systems are being used, the amount of energy they consume, and the costs involved.
All these changes have the potential to enhance human performance. “In the same way a FitBit tells us how many calories we’ve burned and hours we’ve slept, augmented rooms and surfaces will track our behaviors through data pulled from our devices and bio-informed sensors – adjusting lighting, visual privacy, acoustics, and temperature with algorithms conceived according to our personal preferences,” said Elise Valoe, global research manager at Steelcase.


Additional Instructions:

Recordings should be completed in a quiet environment on the applicant's mobile device. Start the recording by stating the title of the article, "written by Beth Mattson-Teig", "narrated by [Your name], “Class of [Graduation Year]”, [Your School]. Then state the publication name- " The Leader: Corporate Real Estate News and Insights " and the issue- "September 2018."

Then narrate the body of the article. In preparing your audio sample, it will be a good idea to listen to a couple of samples from audio narrations that we have circulated to subscribers to get a sense of the pace and tone we are looking for. To review them, go to and click the "Listen Now" buttons located in the Our Solution Section of the page. You will also see screenshots of our user interface that will give you a sense of the platform; including the "Meet the Narrator" link users can tap to access the email address and LinkedIn profile of the narrators. 

Once you complete your recording, email your audio sample to On the Voice Memos App, use the icon resembling a square with an arrow pointing out of it to email us your audio file. Please remember to submit your resume as well.

Company Description:

Professionals of all kinds are under tremendous pressure to stay informed in their area of expertise, and they subscribe to a variety of specialized current awareness publications designed to keep them informed. Despite the value of this information and the important role it plays in activities ranging from client service to business development, they do not always get to read it as much as they would like because of the tremendous demands on their time; particularly at their desk when they can be engaging in other premium activities. 

Using its patented system, Modio Information Group partners with professional content sources to convert leading publications from a variety of specialties to a same-day, word-for-word, article-specific, human-narrated, audio format that subscribers can access through their smartphones. By placing content in an audio format on Modio Information Group’s proprietary smartphone-enabled interface, professionals no longer need to forgo premium desk time in order to stay informed; rather they can access the same information during multitasking activities such as commuting and exercising.

In turn, as the narrators of the content placed on Modio Information Group’s interface, students are given a forum to develop/showcase their verbal communication skills and provided an opportunity to gain exposure to potential employers and future fellow practitioners throughout the United States and the world. They also augment their classroom education by gaining access to the latest issues and most recent developments in their field of study.

Requested Document Notes:      In addition to a resume, applicants must submit an audio narration sample per the instructions provided in the Job Description Section of this job posting.

Compensation Details:   Selected candidates are compensated at a rate of $45 per hour of narrated content.

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