Full Content - 2018 Design Spotlight

CoreNet 2018 Annual Dinner Design Spotlight

May 2018

The The CoreNet 2018 Annual Dinner, hosted aboard The Intrepid, featured two exhibitions for this year’s Design Spotlight. The first, titled, “Transcender” was a collaboration between AFD Contract Furniture and Banco Popular. The second, “Where is the Cloud?” was by Scott Brownrigg and Crown Architecture & Consulting, D.P.C. Both designs explored the dinner theme of “Blurring the Lines,” and each team was given four tickets to the CoreNet Golf Outing. Descriptions of each concept for the submissions are detailed below and illustrated by corresponding photos.


“When you enter this "box" you'll be looking at transparent walls with photos and tiny mirrors attached, reflecting your image in multiple fractions. The images that will accompany your reflections are of people and objects that, one way or another, participated in the creation of Transcending. As you enter, you'll also become a participant, changing the object and giving it purpose. This interconnection will create a new, virtual reality, blurring the lines of space and time. You may sit on the stool and rotate with it, continually altering the reflections as you go. Like today's reality, in a global world, where lines that used to clearly define and limit, exist no longer and the boundaries are blurred forever.”

Where is the Cloud

“In addition to the ephemeral social dynamics of culture, class, race, and power, our world today is increasingly influenced by invisible digital forces. The most relevant, of course, is how our data is computed, moved, stored and shared, represented by the abstract “cloud.” With lights, a projector, and a cloud, we create a conceptual data cloud model. The model will allow people to come together and think deeper about what and how data is moving around them even though they can’t physically see or feel it, and to contemplate how their lives have changed since the dawn of the Digital Age.”