Hosted Buyers Program Prospectus


CoreNet Global Summit | North America | Hosted Buyer Program

The CoreNet Global Hosted Buyer program allows any exhibiting sponsor to invite a prospect end-user/occupier to the CoreNet Global Summit | North America. This sponsorship opportunity will expose your prospect to CoreNet Global Summits and will help forge a strong relationship between yourself and your Hosted Buyer. Moreover, being part of this program will guarantee five one-on-one meetings with pre-qualified buyers per sponsorship.

Sponsorship: $5,000 (maximum of 25 available)

For Sponsor:

  • Total of five, 15-minute appointments with pre-qualified buyers (appointment with the sponsor’s Hosted Buyer is not included in this number). See below for additional information.
  • One invitation to Hosted Buyers Reception during Networking reception

For Hosted Buyer:

  • Full Summit registration
  • CoreNet Global membership (new membership or membership renewal)
  • 2-nights' accommodation at one of the official CoreNet Global hotels (subject to availability). Extra room nights will be at the Hosted Buyer’s discretion or at sponsor’s expense).
  • Invitation to the Chair Reception
  • Invitation to Hosted Buyers reception during Networking reception

Program Description:

*Each sponsor partaking in this program will invite one prospect per sponsorship (number of sponsorships per sponsor is unlimited).
*Any exhibiting sponsors are eligible to partake in this program. One-on-one appointments will be taking place in the sponsor’s booth during official Innovation Pavilion hours.
*Sponsors may not utilize the sponsorship credit included in the Gem packages to purchase the hosted buyer’s sponsorship. As an example, the Ruby Package at $30,000 comes with a $10,000 in sponsorship credit, if Ruby Sponsor wishes to participate in hosting one buyer, sponsorship cost will increase to $35,000.
*To be eligible for this program, a Hosted Buyer must be, at a minimum, an influencer in the purchasing decision of their organization. All hosted buyers must be approved by CoreNet Global prior to confirming their participation.

Appointments with Pre-Qualified Hosted Buyers:
*Each Hosted Buyer will be meeting with 5 service providers as part of this program for a minimum of 5 15-minute appointments each (appointment with the Hosted Buyer’s sponsor is excluded from the 5 appointments); all appointments will be coordinated by CoreNet Global.
*Sponsors will be given the list of hosted buyers ahead of the Summit and will rank them in a preference order (from most to least desired). CoreNet Global will try its utmost to respect the sponsors’ preference but cannot guarantee it.
*Appointments will be confirmed in the weeks prior to the Summit.
*All appointments will be conducted at the Summit, and it will be the responsibility of the Hosted Buyer to connect with their “match” during official Innovation Pavilion hours.
*Each Hosted Buyer will be given an appointment passport by CoreNet Global that will indicate all of their respective appointments. After each appointment, sponsor will have to sign and time stamp the Hosted Buyer’s passport. Prior to the closure of the Innovation Pavilion, Hosted Buyer will need to hand out the completed passport to CoreNet Global at the CoreNet Global Connect booth. Should Hosted Buyer fail to turn in the passport to CoreNet Global, it will be assumed that appointments were not fulfilled and penalties will be charged to the Hosted Buyer.

Rules and Regulations for all Hosted Buyers:
*Abide by all CoreNet Global Summit rules.
*Report to all pre-arranged appointments that are part of this program.
*Hosted Buyer must agree to pay CoreNet Global a $3,000 fee should not all 5 appointments be fulfilled. Failure to sign the CoreNet Global agreement will exclude the Hosted Buyer from attending the Summit.
Note: Sponsor will not receive a refund should their 5 appointments per sponsorship not be fulfilled.
*All Hosted Buyers must report to a short orientation taking place on Tuesday, November 1 at 5PM in the Technology Playground located inside Innovation Pavilion. Sponsors will not be attending this orientation.

Other Important Information:
*In order for this program to be available, CoreNet Global requires a total of 5 sponsorships; the total number of sponsorships will be limited to 25 Hosted Buyers for its first year.

*Should there be less than 5 sponsorships sold, CoreNet Global will provide refund options to sponsors which will include full refunds.



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Sr Director of Sales
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