Virtual Summit - North America


26-27 OCTOBER 2020 | VIRTUAL

REasoning, REsilience & REsponsibility 

Defining moments come along once or twice in a generation. Leaders like you face a myriad of important and difficult decisions. You are REsponsibly balancing health, safety, and financial implications. By acting quickly and smartly you are determining how your enterprise recovers and learns to co-exist with COVID. Rethinking the future of real estate with thoughtful REasoning is key to moving beyond adaptation to building REsilience.

What to Expect:

  • Attendees will enter the CoreNet Global Virtual Summit interactive environment and maneuver between virtual rooms featuring Breakout Sessions, ad-hoc discussion forums, tech demos, exhibits and lifestyle activities including a yoga class.
  • Chat in real-time in a virtual event space designed for connecting attendees, presenters, and exhibitors.
  • Curated content provides corporate real estate professionals with the knowledge needed to move forward and innovate in today’s world.
  • All sessions are recorded, so attendees can access them when they want for up to 30-days after the event.
  • The live event takes place over 2 days; recorded content and exhibit hall booths will be available to registrants for one month following the live event.
  • Sponsorships are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Your clients, prospects, and competitors will be there. Will you?


Gem Sponsor Packages

Gem sponsorships are crafted to provide high-level exposure for CoreNet Global’s top supporters. Get high-profile exposure, connect with attendees, and make a lasting impression with attendees. 

Diamond Sponsorship: $7,500 (SOLD OUT)


  • One (1) Large Exhibit
  • 3 Full Registrations
  • 30-second video to be played during the Opening Welcome and stored in the Media Library
  • One (1) linked banner in the virtual lobby (placement available on a first come first serve basis)
  • Opportunity to feature a banner or video in rotation on the Announcements tab which is automatically displayed when attendees enter the virtual lobby
  • Sponsor recognition and link on dedicated virtual Summit web page
  • Sponsor recognition on slides at the beginning of the Opening and Closing Remarks
  • Opportunity to include a file in the Media Library
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)

Thank you to our Diamond Sponsors: Tango, Newmark Knight Frank, and JLL


Emerald Sponsorship: $5,000


  • One (1) Medium Exhibit
  • 2 Full Registrations
  • Sponsor recognition and link on dedicated virtual Summit web page
  • Sponsor recognition on slides at beginning of Opening Welcome and Closing Remarks
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)

​Thank you to our Emerald Sponsors: MRI Software, WeWork, Cresa, Colliers, SpaceIQ and Yardi


Ruby Sponsorship: $2,500


  • One (1) Small Exhibit
  • 1 Full Registration
  • Sponsor recognition and link on dedicated virtual Summit web page
  • Sponsor recognition on slides at beginning of Opening Welcome and Closing Remarks
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)

​Thank you to our Ruby Sponsors: IBM Corporation, Enterprise Florida, Planon, Robin, FreeAxez and GPEC


Much like CoreNet Global face-to-face Summits, the Exhibit Hall is a major component of the Summit experience. Attendees can teleport to the hall and browse booths by name, live chat with exhibitors and other attendees. Documents, videos and links can be viewed in your virtual booth; documents can also be downloaded for longer lasting connection. Large booths feature multiple spaces for attendees to scroll through. Each space contains multiple points for you to highlight additional collateral and content.

Available with each booth:​

  • Video demoing
  • Downloadable documents
  • Hyperlinks
  • Text chat and chat export reporting
  • Display of exhibitor contact information
  • Ability to engage with exhibit visitors in one-to-one communication
  • Ability to submit keywords attendees can use to find your exhibit via search (max of 10 keywords)

Small Exhibit: $750


  • 1 page/pane of exhibit space to populate with materials
    • 1 location for video​
    • 8 download options
    • 3 hyperlink options
  • 1 Exhibit Only Registration (only allows access to the virtual Exhibit Hall)

Medium Exhibit: $1,000


  • 2 pages/panes of exhibit space to populate with materials
    • 2 locations for video​
    • 10 download options
    • 6 hyperlink options
  • 2 Exhibit Only Registrations (only allows access to the virtual Exhibit Hall)
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)


Large Exhibit: $1,250


  • 3 pages/panes of exhibit space to populate with materials
    • 3 locations for video​
    • 15 download options
    • 9 hyperlink options
  • 3 Exhibit Only Registrations (only allows access to the virtual Exhibit Hall)
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)
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A-la-carte Sponsorships

Tech Demos

Sponsorship: $2,000 (SOLD OUT) 

Sponsored by: Iron MountainIBM Corporation, FM:Systems, Relogix, SIREAS LLC, Tango, CoStar and Nuvolo

Showcase your company’s innovative tech in a 15-minute virtual presentation.

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Opportunity to present a 15-minute live or pre-recorded webinar or product demonstration (subject to CoreNet Global approval)​
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)


Café Sponsor

Sponsorship: $2,000 (Exclusive) 

​Sponsorship Includes:

  • Exclusive branding on digital signage in the Cafe (up to 3 digital signage locations)
  • Ability to customize the name of the Cafe map item
  • Opportunity to do a giveaway in the Cafe
  • Opportunity to present a "Lunch Time Experience" on both days of the virtual Summit (subject to CoreNet Global approval). Examples include a cooking demonstration, guide to healthy eating, etc.
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)


Auditorium Sponsor

Sponsorship: $2,000 (Exclusive) - Sponsored by: Tango

​Sponsorship Includes:

  • Opportunity to brand digital sign on loading screen when entering the Auditorium
  • Ability to customize the name of the Auditorium map item
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)


Collaboration Area Sponsor

Sponsorship: $1,200 (Exclusive) 

Perfect for the networking that Summit attendees tout as a “must have”, this interactive space allows for small group topical discussions and meetings.  Align your company with specific forum topics with logo recognition and the opportunity to participate in discussions with attendees.

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Logo recognition on one digital sign in the virtual Networking Area
  • Opportunity to select between a Virtual Roundtable or Fireside Chat format
  • Opportunity to do a giveaway in the Networking Area
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)

Recognition Program Sponsor

Sponsorship: $2,000 (Exclusive) - Sponsored by: CoStar and LoopNet

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Sponsor recognition on-screen at the beginning of the Recognition event
  • Sponsor thank you and URL posted in chat during the Recognition event
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)

Morning Yoga/Mindfulness Practice

Sponsorship: $1,000 (2 available) 

We could all use a little more mindfulness in our lives. Summit attendees can start the day with Yoga and Meditation – leaving them relaxed and recharged for a day of learning and networking.  Align your brand with this wellness activity that attendees are certain to enjoy. Sponsorship includes the option to provide the live or pre-recorded session (or take advantage of recorded options from CoreNet Global). Starting the day with this soothing activity is sure to leave attendees with a positive feeling.

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Sponsor recognition on-screen before the session starts
  • Opportunity to give a brief introduction to the session and thank the audience
  • Opportunity to provide live or pre-recorded yoga or meditation session
  • Post-event attendee list (opt-in only)

Commercial during a Learning Session

Sponsorship: $1,500 each
Sponsored by: IWG

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Opportunities to provide a short video (30 seconds max) to be played at the beginning of a Learning Experience session (subject to CoreNet Global approval).
  • Post-event attendee list (Opt-ins only)

Education Sessions/Learning Experiences Sponsor

Sponsorship: $3,000 (Exclusive)
Sponsored by: LBA Realty

Education is one of, if not the primary reason attendees and members of CoreNet Global attend Summits. CoreNet Global is known for providing premium content that truly responds to the needs of corporate real estate professionals.

Sponsorship Includes:
  • Sponsor recognition on slides before all Learning Experience sessions.
  • Verbal sponsor thank you message and URL posted in chat during each session
  • post-event attendee list (opt-ins-only)

Please note: There will be sponsor commercials shown at the beginning of some Sessions


Alex Bourbeau
Sr Director of Sales