How to thrive not just survive series

When:  May 12, 2021 from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM (GMT)
Associated with  United Kingdom

A workshop style series aimed at YOU.  We will bring together key industry leaders to assist in guiding groups through sessions of exploration, learning and growth all built around four key optics : 

Building a Base  

Building Trust       

Building Confidence   

Building Connections   

Each session and topic will be aimed at highlighting how we as HUMANS thrive in an ever evolving, more flexible, and technology based work environment.  

Session One :  Building a Base and Building Trust 

Within this session Chris Koffman and Lydia Ings, along with their selected guests David (Dai) Thomas and Raminta Kymantas, will come together to address the realities around moving towards a more hybrid way of working.  

The session will assist in addressing and providing tangible tips around the need to not only ensure your relationships and community are balanced, your personal performance is at the level you want, but you are looking after yourself - body and mind.  

Part One : 

Building Trust in a VUCA world 

The COVID era may be coming to an end but we can be sure that VUCA will continue - so how do we get comfortable with this and how can we thrive as employees or employers set against that context. 

Within this session we will cover a few key topics; 

  • Unprecedented or just normal - the context we are all living in
  • What’s in the kitbag - how do we equip ourselves to deal with the change?
  • Building Trust - practical tips for building sustainable and trusting relationships in the face of uncertainty
  • No one size fits all - how can we be agile to adapt our approach

Part Two : 

Healthy body, healthy mind

A simple toolkit of performance enhancing routines including a super simple goal setting routine and the world's greatest stretch... 

Come and spend an intimate 'confidence building' session with coaches David Thomas (Adidas and RFU Wales) and Chris Koffman Msc. Loughborough, EXOS and Les Mills) 

The session will be centred around the following (ideas):

- Do you feel tired and lethargic in the morning or during the day? 

- Does hours of sitting in virtual calls have an impact on your posture, your energy, your mood and even your wellbeing?

- Do you wonder how best to thrive in this 'new normal' and perform at your best, consistently with the uncertainty of the work / home life balance?

Sarah Brown, tp bennett
Chris Koffman, Team Exos
David Thomas, Human Performance Specialist
Lydia Ings, Colliers
Raminta Kymantas, Colliers
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Stephne Graham