2021 Awards of Excellence



Q: How do I submit a nomination?

A: Nominations are 100% online--follow this link on our website to the nomination forms.


Q: What categories are available?

A: Young Leader Service Provider, Service Provider Leader, Corporate Real Estate Partnership, Best New Workplace Solutions


Q: Can I submit more than once?

A: Yes, there is no limit to the number of submittals provided by one firm or one individual. You may provide multiple submittals for the same category, and submit for multiple categories. You can also be named on multiple submittal teams, for example, in the Partnership or Project of the Year categories.


Q: Where can I find a list of prior winners?

A: Follow this link for a complete list of past winners: http://blasts.bermangrp.com/corenet/pdf/CoreNet_Awards_of_Excellence_Complete_List_of_Winners.pdf


Q: Can a Service Provider submit for Young Leader award?

A: Yes, the Young Leader of the Year award is open to Service Providers who have been active members of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter for at least 12 months.


Q: What is the age cut off for Young Leader?

A: To be eligible, the nominee must have been be younger than 36 years old on January 1, 2021.


Q: Must the individual submitted be a member of CoreNet?

A: Yes, for individual awards like Young Leader and Service Provider, the nominees must be an active member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter and must have maintained active membership for at least 12 months.


Q: For Company and Project awards, what are the membership status requirements?

A: For the Partnership and Project awards, at least one member of the team being nominated must be an member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter and must have maintained active membership for at least 12 months.


Q: Is the Service Provider of the Year award for an individual, a firm, or both?

A: Service Provider of the Year recognizes an individual--the nominee must be an active member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter and must have maintained active membership for at least 12 months.


Q: What if a Service Provider of the Year nominee has changed employers in 2021?

A: CoreNet membership is tied to the individual, not their employer, and carries with the individual as long as membership status is in good standing. A nominee can be an employee of any service provider, or a Member-in-Transition in the ‘Service Provider’ category (unemployed, part time employed, furloughed etc.) to be eligible.


Q: Will there be a gala this year:

A: Yes, we plan to host both an award celebration and a very special in-person gala to recognize award winners in October.


Q: I didn’t see “End User of the Year” on the website, is that still happening?

A: The End User of the Year is nominated from a pool of qualified candidates by the chapter’s Executive Committee.


Q: Which categories are submitted to CoreNet Global for the annual Global award recognition?

A: Both End User and Young Leader of the Year are eligible for Global recognition; our chapter currently intends to submit for both.


Q: When are nominations due?

A: All nominations are due by July 30th, 2021 with the exception of Young Leader of the Year, which is due by July 2nd to be included in the Global award program.


Q: How will nominees and awardees be recognized?

A: All qualifying nominations/nominees will be recognized on our chapter website, chapter correspondence (eblasts, newsletters, etc.) and social media before, during and after the award ceremony. Winners will enjoy special recognition in all mediums and the in personal Awards Gala in October.