The purpose of this toolkit is to enhance transparency and alignment between Campus Ambassadors, Chapter Leaders, and Global Staff. We hope that you will find this toolkit to be easy to navigate and use. 

Outreach Logs and Campus Profiles are maintained in GoogleDocs which may require an additional login; not all of these documents exist yet, so please be patient as we create them. These will be evolving documents and we welcome your input into how to make these tools better.


CoreNet Global University Relations Conference Calls (usu. 30 minutes)
Calls are open to all Campus Ambassadors and Chapter University Outreach Leaders


Learning officers

7 Sep 6am US

7 Sep 6.30am

University Relations

6 Sep 11am US

7 Sep 11.30am

University Relations

17 Jan 11am US

17 Jan 11.45am

learning officers

18 Jan 6am US

18 Jan 6.45am


Don't hesitate to send feedback or requests to Dean Jordan, Vice President for University & External Relations.

University Outreach Logs & Profiles Library
Program Resources
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 For more information contact:

Dean H. Jordan
Vice President, University & External Relations
+1 (404) 589-3218