Scholarship Sponsorship Opportunities

Student Scholarship Sponsorship Opportunities


"Our vision is to enhance the scholarship opportunities driven by sponsor support, with further student engagement available."


At the Washington State Chapter of CoreNet Global, our mission is to “Provide an environment for Education, Leadership Development, and Networking to enhance the success of corporate real estate professionals and the organizations they serve.” We are dedicated to making sure everyone gets an opportunity to succeed. University Relations in partnership with the Sponsorship committee is accepting sponsorship for the CoreNet-WA Student Scholarship Awards 2021.  

The scholarship announcement will be circulated in the state, local and technical colleges in the Washington state which includes UW, WSU, Seattle U, Renton Technical College, North Seattle College etc. This scholarship will go directly to the student winners to be applied to their tuition expenses.  


We are aiming to provide scholarships at the following levels: 

  1. Four $1,000 – Diamond 
  2. Four $500 – Emerald 
  3. Four $250 - Ruby
All levels of the Scholarship Sponsorship are sold out for this year. If you are interested in sponsoring next year, please reach out to the University Relations team listed below.

Additional Benefits for the sponsors would include: 

  1. CoreNet Global has a global membership of nearly 10,000 consisting of corporate end-users, service providers, economic development and academia, providing social media marketing opportunities including:
  2. Pre-announcements which will include the company name. Eg. We are awarding four $1,000 scholarships sponsored by Amazon. 
  3. Post awarding of scholarships, the announcements will be featuring the company name and logo along with the headshot of the student awardee.
  4. Opportunity for the sponsoring company to mentor the scholarship winners. 

Additional Benefits for the student scholarship winners would include: 

  1. Full calendar-year membership for the next year to CoreNet Global and its resources.
  2. Three complimentary luncheon registrations.
  3. Two complimentary networking events (Happy hours, Networking, Engage, etc.). 
  4. Pairing with a CoreNet Liaison – informal mentor
  5. Pairing with a CoreNet Mentor – industry professional (possible opportunity for the sponsoring company to directly engage with the students)


Sponsoring the scholarship provides an opportunity for future leaders to gain more exposure to the world of corporate real estate. Our luncheons and events are attended by corporate real estate representatives from the region’s largest employers such as Amazon, Expedia, Microsoft, Starbucks, T-Mobile along with representatives from estate development, brokerage and advisory, architectural, engineering and construction companies.  

It is a win-win-win situation for both the sponsors and the awardees (CoreNet-WA wins because we get financial help to make this program work and provide more scholarships). The sponsors will benefit from social media advertising and access to the future talent pool. Also, the awardees will get more visibility and direct access to the tons of resources and opportunities provided by CoreNet. This will help in increasing engagement opportunities with the students. The opportunity will also help the students financially and encourage them to create relationships with industry professionals. 


We are aiming to finalize the sponsors by September 2021. The application process for the students will start in October 2021 and winners will be announced by late December. This will align with the complimentary membership for the next year (2022). 


  1. June-Sept – Confirm Sponsorship 
  2. October – Open the scholarship to students with an announcement
  3. November – Students applications due
  4. December – Student winners announced
  5. January/February – Social media announcements which will continue for the coming year
  6. March – Mentorship program kick-off

Contact Details: 

  1. Nicole Kerr (
  2. Tyson Clarke (
  3. McKinley Hatcher (