Sponsorship Committee

Sponsorship Committee

Promote the Value of the Chapter to Partners

The Sponsorship Committee shall be responsible for setting forth and executing fundraising programs for the Chapter in accordance with the associated practices and policies of Chapter and CoreNet Global. In addition to raising funds, the Committee will be the face of the Chapter, as it pertains to sponsorship, and is responsible for fostering and developing relationships with sponsors and prospective sponsors to secure funding to support the Chapter. The Committee will also be responsible for the overall coordination of sponsorship activity, across the Chapter (i.e., at the regional and event level).


  • Develop and execute programs to grow the Chapter’s funding sources, through sponsorship and other mechanisms.
  • Develop, and review annually, a sponsorship package that communicates sponsor benefits, demonstrates value, and is profitable for the Chapter.
  • Foster and develop sponsor and prospective sponsor relationships. Obtain sponsorship committments and assist chapter administration with collections
  • Work closely with the “champion” of each sponsor company to ensure they are maximizing the value of their involvement with Chapter and actively engaging with Chapter (e.g., participating in committees).
  • Assist event and regional leaders on developing sponsorship plans for events and coordinating efforts.
  • Coordinate with the Communications Director to actively recognize Chapter sponsors.


Committee Leadership:

Sponsorship Director 

Maj Nixon
Lincoln Property Company