Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation and/or Substitution Policy for Chapter Meetings
We do not accept cancellations for Chapter meetings. However, you can substitute another individual who is of equal membership status only (if you are a member, your substitute must be a member too, etc.). The substitute does not need to be from your firm. Please email our Chapter Administrator, southerncalifornia@corenetglobal.org, 
at least (5) five business days in advance of the event to make this substitution.

How do I sign up the guest of a member?
If you are a member and inviting a member or non-member guest, you will need to pay for yourself through the website and do a separate, new transaction to sign up your guest through the website.

Can I call and leave a message to sign up for a meeting instead of signing up online?
We prefer you sign up online for our payment and badge systems are automated.

What is an End User?
End User Members are those individuals with real estate or real estate related responsibilities focused on the workplace or infrastructure management for public, private or governmental organizations. These Members shall be employed or contracted for by such organization and shall receive their income as salary directly or by way of reimbursement from the organization. The organization shall utilize or lease real estate for their own needs, rather than utilize or lease real estate holdings primarily for investment or to sell or develop as a primary business function. The contract employee will be paid a salary for the services they perform as an outsourced contract corporate real estate executive, working for said corporation exclusively while carrying out the corporate real estate function for one specific end user.

What is a Service Provider?
Service Provider Members are those individuals in professions and related real estate functions that serve the needs of the corporate real estate executive. Typically they are vendors.

What is a Young Leader?
Young Leaders are members who are 35 years of age and younger. If you are a new member of CoreNet Global, you can join at a deeply discounted rate (see how to join). Additionally, there are special programs for members who fall into this category.

Is there a special Membership rate for students?
Yes, students currently enrolled in classes full time are eligible for a special membership price. Please check CoreNet Global’s website for current fees and application.

Is there a special Membership classification for Economic Developers?
There is a special classification for Economic Developers, however, it is charged at the same rate as a Service Provider.

Does my membership belong to me or to my company?
CoreNet Global memberships are assigned to individuals, not to a company. If you change jobs, your membership moves with the person. Please be sure to update your user information on the national website to ensure you continue to get notified of upcoming events.

Is there a discount for corporate memberships?
Currently, there are no "corporate membership" rates. Memberships are held on an individual basis, however, if you would like additional information about this, you can contact CoreNet Global Member Services directly.

Can I transfer my membership to another person?
Typically the answer is no. Memberships are assigned to individuals rather than companies for this very reason. However, as with everything, exceptions are made, but this cannot be determined at the Chapter level. For information on whether your membership can be transferred, please contact CoreNet Global Membership Services for guidance.

How do I get the most out of my membership?
The best way to get the most out of your membership is to volunteer. There are many opportunities for members to get more involved in the organization. You can volunteer on a committee, you can volunteer to help at a specific event or you could volunteer for a specific task. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Membership Committee Chair to assist you.

Why do I get so many emails from CoreNet Global?
Email is the most effective method of communicating with our chapter members. You do have the option of not receiving notifications and can choose to “opt out”. However, this choice will stop ALL notifications from both Global and the Chapter level which is how meeting/event notices are typically distributed.

Why am I not receiving email announcements as a member of the Southern California Chapter?
Contact Chapter Development and Member Relations to confirm:

  • You are receiving CoreNet National emails
  • You are a current member and are a member of the Southern California Chapter
  • Have the correct contact information inputted
  • You are not on an unsubscribe list 

Once this information is updated, our chapter webmaster will email Chapter announcements to the current list submitted by CoreNet Global.

When will my membership expire?
CoreNet Global memberships are based upon a calendar year and expire December 31.