Succession Plan

Executive Committee Succession Planning and President Nomination Process

Operating Committee
  • Lead and Young Lead roles in the Operating Committee (OpCo) shall be for a maximum term of 2 (two) years
  • Lead and Young Leader roles in the OpCo work streams shall have served at least one year actively within that OpCo work stream before taking over as Lead or Young Lead
  • Lead and Young Leader roles in the OpCo shall be nominated and agreed by the OpCo work stream members
  • In the event of no agreement then the Executive Committee (ExCo) can make a nomination(s) or selection
  • OpCo Lead and Young Leader roles shall serve at least 2 years actively engaged with one (or more) OpCo work streams before they will be eligible to join the Executive Committee - ExCo members will therefore have served at least 2 years as either the Lead or the Young Leader roles in one of the OpCo work streams before potentially being eligible to move to the ExCo
 Operating Committee to Executive Committee
  • When positions within the Young Leader President, Learning & Development, Treasurer, Communities and Events roles of the ExCo become available then nominations for these roles will be invited from the OpCo work streams
  • Eligible applicants must have served at least 2 years with the OpCo, not specifically in the same work stream, but this must have been in the Lead or Young Lead position
  • Eligible candidates must have been actively engaged in the work stream and the UK Chapter
  • Candidates shall complete and submit a one page nomination form highlighting their previous experience with the OpCo, their engagement and positive impact on the UK Chapter, which role they are applying for and why they are suitable for this position
  • Submissions should be made to the Past President Elect by 1 September each year
  • Nominations will be reviewed by the collective ExCo and suitable candidates confirmed by 1 October to join the ExCo with effect from 1 January following
Executive Committee
  • Except for Past President and Treasurer roles all ExCo members shall be limited to a term of 3 (three) years, unless agreed by all other members of the ExCo and ratified by the OpCo members
  • President Elect (and therefore President) shall have served one year in either the Young Leader President, Treasurer, Communities, Learning & Development or Events roles prior to succeeding as President Elect – i.e. they will have spent at least one year on the ExCo before succeeding as President Elect
  • Nominations for President Elect shall be submitted to the Past President by 1 September each year
  • Nominations should include a brief summary of the applicant’s previous roles and experience within the CoreNet UK Chapter; their professional experience and current job role and responsibilities; a brief business case as to why they should succeed as President and also suggested successors for their role on the ExCo (noting the succession requirements above)
  • In the event of more than one nomination by the closing date of 1 September the current President, Past President, and President Elect will review nominations to select the successful candidate
  • The successful applicant will be confirmed by 1 October each year
  • Every year there should be not less than one and not more than three changes to personnel on the ExCo to ensure both succession potential and also maintain consistency of the ExCo
  • As a result of the term limits noted above in the event a candidate does not secure nomination to become President Elect then they can continue in their current, or another, role in the ExCo but they would not be able to re-apply for the President Elect role without being off the ExCo for not less than 2 years
  • Note that in the event that other suitable candidates for President Elect are not available from the ExCo (for example lack of term served or no nominations) then the above restriction may be waived, subject to approval from the remaining ExCo members