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Occupier Insight Series

Occupier Insight Series
We hosted our first Occupier Insights event on the 22nd of May. Attended by 35 Occupiers, the focus was on delivering CSR objectives set by those not necessarily responsible for delivering them from a CRE perspective.
A more in depth summary from the event will be shared at a wrap up event later in the year but we wanted to share two key points that came out of the session. Occupiers are under enormous pressure to delivery CSR strategies but generally speaking:
  1. The vast majority of landlords of multi-let offices are unable to adequately support occupiers in reaching their CSR objectives. This is both in terms of providing appropriate space and providing the necessary building performance data.
  2. Flexible office space providers do not understand the importance of sharing sustainability data for their portfolios with their clients and how their operations impact Occupiers sustainability programmes and their Corporate Responsibility objectives.
CoreNet Global UK will be setting up committee including occupiers to see how we can address these issues and effect change within the industry.
The next Occupier Insights event will be taking place on the 26th September 2019 so save the date!
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Jun 27, 2019 07:04 AM

Thanks Alison, it was an interesting session but it did highlight the need for a more focused approach to CSR across the industry. I'd be very interested in joining any further discussions...