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The rise of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, the 4th industrial revolution; they all incorporate different nuances however the overriding principle is that they will significantly impact upon our lives in the near future.

There is already lots of discussion about what this means for us and the corporate real estate industry.  A recent survey in Forbes Magazine suggests that between 35 to 50% of jobs that exist now will be impacted and lost to the “beneficial” impact of automation.

However, technology and the way it communicates with other systems is now being expressed in many aspects of our lives as we look to reduce cost and increase efficiency; walls that can be designed by computers and built by robots and buildings that contain thousands of sensors to measure desk usage, power consumption, temperature and coffee consumption and virtual reality is probably only in its infancy.

These are just a few of the examples currently seen and whilst exciting and innovative is it too much to suggest that the turbulent changes in the political landscape we have recently experienced with the election of Trump in the US, Brexit and now most recently the UK election, that subconsciously if not consciously, the electorate have expressed concern towards a changing world order, that is inevitably going to impact on their future, their jobs and their livelihoods. What will be the outcome of this and how and will “order” be restored?

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