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Bennett Cross, Senior Analyst - Capital Markets
Washington Prime Group

Bennett Cross (Profile)
Senior Analyst
Washington Prime Group

Our newest IKO Chapter Member Spotlight is on Bennett Cross, Senior Analyst – Capital Markets, with Washington Prime Group in Columbus, OH. Bennett is responsible for market research and analysis of mall assets, a role he’s been in over the past two years.

As the IKO Chapter’s membership is both broad and diverse, most, if not all members have a direct connection to the CRE, or the Corporate Real Estate function. Bennett was first introduced to real estate when he interned at Fortress Investment Group. He was immediately hooked, and has been involved with CRE ever since. Currently, Bennett’s role has both an operational and financial management lens into Washington Prime’s mall asset portfolio.

For Bennett, his biggest current challenge is in the realm of technology. As with many of us, technology can be daunting. But for Bennett, the specific challenge is how to take data and turn it into actionable insights that Washington Prime can pursue. “I’ve been given access to exciting datasets such as where our mall customers are coming from and I’ve been tasked with coming up with actionable insights from trends in the data.” Cross said. “The most exciting part is finding clear data trends of our visitors’ behavior and being able to leverage those insights across our many malls.”

CoreNet Global’s mission is for its members to Connect, Learn, Grow, and Belong. For Bennett, that means an ability to connect with and learn from a tremendous network of CRE professionals which facilitates productive exchanges of CRE ideas and information which are current in the sector. “CoreNet Global provides me the opportunity to attend seminars and converse with other CRE professionals on how they are implementing technology across their real estate assets to collect data and gain insights on how their spaces are being used.” remarked Cross.

As Bennett is early in his career, CoreNet Global is especially rewarding. “CoreNet Global allows young professionals like myself to connect not only with one another but also with professionals more established in their fields. This unique combination of peer and mentor networking provides an experience that enables free exchange of ideas and advice across a variety of CRE specialties and issues.”

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