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Career Development Committee



The Career Development Committee’s mission is to provide strategic leadership, professional development program activities, and content that advances the career, job skills, and personal awareness and achievements of its members. The Committee’s efforts embody the core competencies of the Chapter and promote inter-committee objectives across the CoreNet New York City platform. The Committee’s primary goals are to design and implement local learning workshops and to act as a resource center and advocate for the CoreNet Global learning programs. The Committee implements members-only workshops throughout the year where the groups address technical topics and best practices, drawing on leaders in the industry as speakers, as well as hosting professional development seminars through CoreNet Global’s CoRE.

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Career Development Committee

Cassandra Charles, Associate Director, Blue Stone Management

Craig Levine, Director, Business Development, Americon HITT

Jane Counihan, Global Account Director, Welspun Flooring

John Pavone, Senior Managing Director, Colliers International

Nick Schifferle, Director, Global Client Services, M Moser Associates

Sydney Benhar, Account Executive, Benhar Office Interiors



John Pavone
Colliers International

Vice Chair

Cassandra Charles
Blue Stone Management


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