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Become a CoreNet Global Australia Chapter sponsor

The Australia Chapter members are the best in their respective roles in the industry. Being a sponsor means that your organisation has the opportunity to network with the innovators and thought leaders. Your organisation benefits by getting insight into what our members think on current issues, what challenges they face, and how they approach their work. Your organisation can use this insight to better target your audiences and hone your product and service offerings. 

Sponsors also benefit through being able to advertise to such a targeted market. Your investment will be regained many times over through your ability to directly speak to our members at the many forums and networking events held nationally, representation through your logo on our website, in collateral and at events.

Our sponsors also report that the greatest benefit they receive from their work with the Australia Chapter is the relationships that they develop. Our networking opportunities are unparalleled in the industry and sponsors become part of our chapter community quickly and easily. Sponsors often become involved in leading industry seminars and collaborating on topics of interest. The ability to forge close relationships with our members is routinely reported as the #1 reason to get involved with our local chapter of CoreNet Global.

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